break the crap outta your day

Well hello!

Welcome to the moment you've opened this email, in which everything that happened before now is gone, and everything you've imagined might happen in the future does not yet exist! 

The moment in which you get to choose the story that governs your experience of today, this week, this year, this life. 

The moment you get to decide whether to stay closed off to what's really going on here, or wake up and be grateful that the earth is alive and you are breathing and you've got another miraculous day to live without limits and let the mystery unfold. 

What, had you forgotten? 
It's cool, me and all the rest of us too, several thousand times a day. 

That's why there's a critical mass of maniacs who will get up at 5am to go to an early morning dance party, take an extended lunch break to hear ?uestlove drop beats for an hour, and schedule "church" into the calendar every other Thursday at 7pm because that's when The Get Down happens and that shit cannot be missed. 

Because we have human brains.
Because we need frequent reminders that life is made of magic. 
Because that is what dance does.

I'm gonna call it: partying at 2am is stupid. 
And if everyone started and ended their workdays with with a proper boogie,
we would remember who we are more often,
and the world would be a better place. 

Get yours with me this Wednesday morning at DAYBREAKER,
and next Thursday at THE GET DOWN