break the crap outta your day

Well hello!

Welcome to the moment you've opened this email, in which everything that happened before now is gone, and everything you've imagined might happen in the future does not yet exist! 

The moment in which you get to choose the story that governs your experience of today, this week, this year, this life. 

The moment you get to decide whether to stay closed off to what's really going on here, or wake up and be grateful that the earth is alive and you are breathing and you've got another miraculous day to live without limits and let the mystery unfold. 

What, had you forgotten? 
It's cool, me and all the rest of us too, several thousand times a day. 

That's why there's a critical mass of maniacs who will get up at 5am to go to an early morning dance party, take an extended lunch break to hear ?uestlove drop beats for an hour, and schedule "church" into the calendar every other Thursday at 7pm because that's when The Get Down happens and that shit cannot be missed. 

Because we have human brains.
Because we need frequent reminders that life is made of magic. 
Because that is what dance does.

I'm gonna call it: partying at 2am is stupid. 
And if everyone started and ended their workdays with with a proper boogie,
we would remember who we are more often,
and the world would be a better place. 

Get yours with me this Wednesday morning at DAYBREAKER,
and next Thursday at THE GET DOWN


Tell the truth
Tell the truth
Tell the truth.

We live in a weird world, peeps.

Branding and identity have become interchangeable, and we construct both out of tags, likes, and status updates. This can be awesome, and allow us to make our life our art and our art our life. And it can also drive us to hold up an image of ourselves that doesn’t always match what’s actually going on.

Since we humans DON’T FIT NEATLY INTO CATEGORIES, keeping up appearances consumes an assload of energy. Like trying to keep an ocean inside a swimming pool with your bare hands.

But still we do it, in the name of politeness, or what’s best for business, or because of some belief about who we have to be to be loved, or whatever, and we become a hazard to our own health.

And our beliefs about who we think we should and shouldn’t be?
They tend to get amplified around dance floors.

We think we’re supposed to roll up with a posse and bust some perfectly choreographed moves in our six-pack abs (damn you Britney CIRCA 2001). And if that’s just not what we’re workin with at the moment? Better stand by the bar all night. Or better yet, just stay home.

that though. 

The Get Down is not about putting your best foot forward, friends. 
It’s about putting your foot forward, period.

And then the other one, and then the other, until the beat swallows you whole and the sweat falls in your eyes and whatever you don’t need anymore finally gets let loose enough to alchemize, burn up, or fall away.

You can come alone, or with some people. You can come angry, or lost, or totally psyched about life. Once we’re on the dance floor, we’re in the same boat. We’ll stomp until our knees are shaking and shake until our hearts are free.

It’s not about appearances. It’s about the truth.
And that is love.
Meet us THERE

So much more below, including tomorrow's sunrise, late night mischiefs, museum headstands, and one very special sunset. 

xo Tash 

getting real.

"The Diamond Sutra says, 'The past is ungraspable, the present is ungraspable, the future is ungraspable.'  So all of us in this room; where are we?  Are we in the past?  No.  Are we in the future?  No.  Are we in the present?  No, we can't even say we're in the present.  

"All we can say is, 'We are this very moment.'  And because there's no way of measuring it, defining it, pinning it down, even seeing what it is, it's immeasurable, boundless, infinite.  It's what we are."

- Charolette Joko Beck

Every time I get lost in thought or busywork or compulsively check my phone, I run away from from what's actually real.

We all do this. We stay too busy to be present and keep our faces plugged into the internet, constantly inputting data, avoiding the spaciousness and mystery of this moment. 

And we lose out bigtime, because the moment is where the magic happens.
It's the only place where everything is possible.

Whether it's with our people, our art, or our practice, we fall in love when we pay attention to what's happening now. We smile when we create. We relax when we give. We laugh when we talk with other human beings. We breathe when we dance. We come alive when we engage with life. 

This is why we come together.

May we get with what's real this week, so that we may live the life that wants to live through us, and give all of ourselves to the world.

Happy Monday :) 
xo Tash

plug this into your ears right now.

Can you feel that? 

Days are long, nights are epic, festivals are ON, and sleep has taken a backseat to fun.
Well hello, summer. Thanks for finally showing up. 

Last night I rolled back from Wanderlust Vermont straight into Deep House Yoga @ Verboten - both of which produced mixes that are up and ready for your ears:


And suddenly? THE GET DOWN is in 2 days! It's the last one before we go back to once-monthly for the rest of the summer, so get in there! If you've been, you already know. And for those who've been meaning to, but still haven't? 

What's stopping you?

Are you afraid to go alone?
That you don't have the right moves?

Are you just resistant because you're resistant in the way we all are about new and unknown things? The way that keeps so many of us from experiencing the magic and adventure that are always inevitably accompanied by some kind of trepidation? 

Stepping into love means stepping out of your comfort zone.
It means embracing the edgy, unknown, weird-feeling space that will remain a mystery until you dance your way into it. 

Give it a try. We'll be here waiting for ya with open arms and thumping basslines.  

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I love you more than roses.
Xo, Tash

How would your life be different if you stopped being afraid?'s an irrelevant question.

Over the last few weeks, I've been witnessing new fears arise about a number of things - all of which basically boil down to future unknowns over which I have no control.

Ever get that? 

The first thing to come up after the fear itself is always the urge to make it go away. It's uncomfortable, so it's bad! And if I find the right mantra or perspective on life, I'll kick it for good. 

Enter a timely little article by Josh Pais sitting in my inbox this morning. We may not all be actors going out for auditions every day, but his words ring true nonetheless: fear isn't something you can kick - it's part of being human. You can either fight it (and lose), or own it for an exhilarating ride, knowing that you're stretching yourself into new growth. Interest peaked? Check out the full post HERE

Obviously, my personal favorite when it comes to breaking out of the old and jumping into the unknown is busting a move to dope beats surrounded by awesome people who will never cramp your style. Because duh. 

And we get to do it next week!

(The get down is coming the Get Down is coming!) And we've got stevetek, Michelle Joni, BEAT NYC, NYC Dance Week, Haiku Guys, Tumeric, and Divine Chocolate in the house. All of which somehow magically combine to create a party that feels like those epic peak late night hours when it's only 8:22pm

So join us! And spread the word on facebook HERE, and RSVP ON FLAVORPILL to get reduced admission before 8pm.

Bad Dancer is on YouTube!!! Watch, comment, steal the hashtag and pass it on.... let's ignite a movement of fearless dancing and living! #teamnoregrets : CHECK IT

Dance on!