Whatup humans. 
One of the greatest mysteries of biology + my favorite story of all nature is holometabolism: the process by which the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. 

You might think that caterpillars are just baby butterflies, and that the chrysalis is where they grow up. Not true.

The caterpillar and butterfly actually come from two different genomes. They are two separate animals, and the caterpillar is born with dormant cells called imaginal discscontaining the idea of butterfly DNA.

When the caterpillar tires of its boring, grass-eating life and enters the chrysalis, the imaginal discs wake up + start multiplying. But because the imaginal discs have a different genome, the caterpillar's immune system recognizes them as an outside threat and begins attacking them. 

But that butterfly DNA is mad resilient + it keeps multiplying until the caterpillar's immune system exhausts itself from all the fighting, implodes, and dissolves into goo. 

The imaginal discs then build a butterfly out of caterpillar goo. 

I kid y'all not. This is the best explanation biologists have for butterflies. And it's the best metaphor we've got for our own growth + transformation

We can't just get rid of one symptom or change one feeling or circumstance. If we want to become who we came here to be, we have to die to who we used to think we were.

Dramatic AF?
But also really, really fun when done right.

I'll be honest: a buncha parts of me had to die in order to create Radical Movement 101. Making this thing turned me inside out, and some days were a full on caterpillar/imaginal disc war. 

But what's dope is that the course itself is transformation. It forced me to dive deep into every single principle + practice it teaches in order to make it. In the process, it transformed my own bullsh'tty bits into creative fuel. 

And now: it all goes live tomorrow. 

It's currently totally underpriced (oops! learning) .. so the 33 bucks/month you can currently get it for will last maybe 24 more hours. Cuz it's kinda the best sh't in the universe

If you or someone you loved is in one of those caterpillar-into-butterfly life moments: now is the moment to jump in.

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 xo Tasha