Darlings of creation,
Know what I learned in the process of turning my entire brain into an actionable curriculum for the world (AKA Radical Movement 101)?

Saying YES to what wants to be born through you is f'ing hard.
It illuminates your stuck parts and stretches your circumference.
It's messy AF.

I learned that ecstasy is not always easy, and bliss hurts sometimes.

One of my friends is a genius acrobat who moves in ways you wouldn’t think were real. One day she said to me, "Anyone can do it. You just gotta like pain."

That one taught taught me a lot about what it takes to touch the edges of what's possible. 

ALL-IN ART burns you from the inside out.
And when you stay with it anyway, and feel the fire, and keep going? 
Everything that was never really you in the first place gets burned away. 

Then what's left over is a whole new life:
the one where you actually give what you came here to give.

So whatever you’re most afraid of? Resistant to? Struggling with?
Whatever you’ve been avoiding and putting on the back burner? 
It’s worth it.

It doesn't matter what results you get. The person you become in the process of meeting your fear is the person you came here to be.

Module 9 of RM101 is called Sit In the Fire of Your Own Becoming, and Learn to Love the Burning.

This is the work we are doing. Enrollment closes this Friday
If you’ve been considering the leap, you’ve got nothing to lose but your limitations.

I love you. I see you.
Keep going. 
xo Tasha

//  Here are some things this incredible tribe of radical movers have said:

I’m already in love with it all … i’ve been browsing, watching, listening and it all feels like pure magic.

Moments of goosebumps, moments of tears, moments of ecstatic bliss… I feel like my whole life is about to turn into one giant get down!

7 days in RM101 and it feels great! Full of surprises. I’ve been able to recognize that i judge myself extremely hard and I’m actually on the right track. I’m excited to see how this evolves!

For such a long time, my body has been trying to tell me that this is where my healing is found. Thanks to RM101 I’m wide awake, fully listening and moving!

Domenica dedicata al primo modulo di #radicalmovement101 con @djtashablank. La playlist in loop per ballare e il quaderno nuovo per il journaling.

Your course helped me find ground and open my heart yesterday. I was in a rough emotional space and this gratitude practice is everything right now. Magic already.