My people,
I’ve given up. 
I’ve thrown in the towel & set it on fire.

I’m done figuring it out.
I’m done strategizing and setting goals.
I’m done wondering what’s going to happen, and whether I’m going to get my way.

All the best things that have gone down in my life? 

I didn’t plan that sh*t.
I couldn’t have.

The mind bases everything off one thing & one thing only:
the Past. 

So all that future-tripping?
Just my mind trying to get control over something it can’t even touch.

You want what’s real? 
Then there’s only one question to ask, ever:

Is my heart a f*ck yes to this? 

The answer won’t assure a single outcome.
It won’t even let you see around the corner.
Your inner control freak will piss its pants, and your defenses will get all riled up.

But if you go with it, it'll turn each moment into a surprise delivery direct from the genius of your heart. It’ll blow your tiny little person-brain, rip you outta the comfy corners of familiarity you've built around yourself, and hurl you straight into your actual life.

You know, the one you came here to live.
The one that’s been waiting for you this whole time.

I'm all in. 
Wanna come?