Well peoples, 
A few weeks ago I wrote about making the leap of going weekly with The Get Down. I was all nervous about taking the risk of trying something new + uncertain.

And what’s awesome?
It totally didn’t work. 

I mean, we did it once, and it was a great party (that’s just how we roll). But as I sat with my headphones + heart on the train ride home at the end of the night, my gut was just like, Nope. 

I’d just made this giant deal outta going weekly, and told freaking EVERYONE, and then we tried it, and felt it, and it didn’t feel right. 

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that gut feeling (the invisible inner knowing that has nothing to do with logic or strategy, and everything to do with the actual sensations you’re currently experiencing below your overactive headbrain) will only get louder the longer you don’t listen. 

It can also be hard to trust because it’s just a feeling that exists in the present moment - it never guarantees an outcome. But when I look back on all the times I’ve trusted it enough to follow its instructions, it always proves itself to be f*cking genius.

So for the next 90 days, I’m giving my mind a break. Every decision I make? I’m going with my gut. No matter how crazy it seems, I’m telling my headbrain to STFU. 

I'll document it all on my IG story, just in case yer curious.

Wondering what my gut's decided to do with the The Get Down?
Tomorrow we're ON at Cielo (the last time we dance under their discoball till autumn!). Then we rock House of YES July 20 + August 3rd. Then we take a summer break till September.  

Yap, we’re going on vacation. Cuz we feel like it.
And for the next 90 days? That's reason enough. 

Love your guts :)