Hey earthlings!

Are you taking yourself seriously enough on today’s voyage around the sun?
Giving your fear sufficient power over your reality?
Living comfortably inside a limited interpretation of what’s possible for your life?

Yesterday I got stuck in an anxiety feedback loop that was ruining my mood, blocking my inspiration, and f'king with my productivity (for reals, I had every intention of sending this email 36 hours ago).

I had totally legit evidence to support my perspective. Good reasons. Backup.
But that annoying voice of wisdom in the back of my brain kept whispering,
That story might be true, but your relationship to it is still a choice. 

I also knew there was no getting to a new perspective with a mind stuck in the old one. There was no pulling myself outta this with logic. So I put one foot in front of the other and got my ass to the dance floor.

See, this whole idea of a “mind-body connection” is bullsh*t.
They are the same thing. 

That's why it's called being a tightass. 

Want to rocketship straight through the stressful situation jacking up your shoulders or the heartache tightening your chest? 

Find a beat and throw yourself in it.
Shake that sh*t out, then find new ways to move.
New ways of thinking will follow.

Get weird my loves.
Your mind will thank you.
xo Tash

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