Well my loves,
The email I've been avoiding is here. 

A few weeks back I sent out a newsletter with the subject line Vulnerable AF. It was about starting a blog and sharing more of my process + life with the world. 

[ Your responses were amazing! I read every single one of them. Thank you. ]

Then, as often happens when I make a statement like that to a ton of people, the Universe turned around & was like Vulnerable AF, eh? Well here’s a bunch of sh*t to feel INSANELY vulnerable about. Now go walk your talk, Miss Thing.

And thus I said hello to Growth + Expansion’s lovely counterparts, Fear + Resistance.

This happens every time. 

Whenever I evolve into a new level of living, the parts of me that were keeping me stuck inside my previous life have to die. And so they fight like hell to survive, showing up in the form of excuses, tiredness, distraction, and anything else they can come up with to keep me from moving beyond them.

We live in a dual universe. Everything in life shows up with its opposite.
That's just part of the game.

Without dark there is no light.
Without death there is no life.
Without resistance, there is no expansion.

I used to buy into Resistance. I believed its stories about my capacities + all the scary things that would happen if I leaned into my dreams.

Now I don’t.
That is the only difference, and it’s the only one that matters. 

So, beautiful people - my first 3 blog posts are up on medium.com:
On Making Sh*t + Sucking at Stuff
On Dating as a Spiritual Practice
How to be Happy When You Have No Idea WTF is Going On

Stay tuned for weekly posts. And if you dig them, please like, comment + share!
(My resistance really hated typing that).

Thank you for reading. And listening. And speaking. And dancing. 
Without you, the party is boring.