Things are about to get realer.

Last week I sat in a circle of women during a workshop on feminine sexuality at Envision Festival. Lit by candlelight & in various states of undress (it was hot okay), we spilled our guts to each other about some of our deepest struggles.

As each woman shared experiences & feelings she usually kept to herself, the entire group exhaled as if to say "Me too."   

I saw how revealing our deepest truths -- especially the ones we normally keep hidden -- gives those around us permission to stop fighting the experience of being human, and frees everyone up to be more of ourselves. 

This got me thinking about how much of myself I reveal in my public writing. 
There's plenty I don't say, and I often cloak the more personal parts of my journey in universality. But I wonder if the specifics might turn out to be more universal than I've thought.
& I wonder if that might be more useful for the world.   

So I’m starting a blog. 
I’ll write more personal, in-depth pieces more often. I'll nerd out about the universe, explore the ins + outs of the creative process, and share lessons learned out on the front lines of love.

It’s gonna be vulnerable AF.

And my peeps, I also want to hear from YOU.
What do you want to read about?
No topic is off limits.
I’m all ears.

(I must really love y'all)
xoxo Tash