A quick note on getting your plans upended & your tables turned -

Go with it. 

Back in December I came down with bronchitis and lost my singing voice.
“I’ll be better in a week," I said.

What followed was a solid two months of nonstop hacking and a forced break from a project I was attached to accomplishing immediately

There is a palpable sense of urgency these days.
It’s important that we listen & respond to what’s happening around us. 

It’s the exhale that clears space for the next inhale.
It’s the space between the notes that creates music. 
It’s the moments of pause where we settle into the stillness inside that allow us to access the genius living there. 

Sometimes getting knocked down is life's way of setting us back upright on the path we otherwise mighta hurried past. 

I can't name the number of incredible things that happened because I surrendered to this weird creative limbo. But I can tell you that I'm emerging from it with new tools & the awareness necessary to actually make the thing I'm here to make.

Go easy on yourselves my loves.
Then use the energy you gather up to go kick some f'ing ass.

xo  Tash