Dance lost a legend last week. 

I found out about Voodoo Ray's passing when I got to Cielo before the Get Down, saw candles burning in the dj booth next to Ray's picture and had one of those slow-motion moments where reality as I knew it (the one where Ray beams his megavolt smile while ripping up dance floors everywhere) suddenly changed. 

In the days since, the NYC underground has galvanized in an explosion of art + music, swarming streets + clubs with an energy so full of heart it's become a lesson in what love looks like. A lesson in how to do life right. A testament to the power of one flame to illuminate a whole community with light. 


Yes you, take it in. 
Now let it out, carbon dioxide alchemized from oxygen inside your own skin. 

This is what we have to work with:
breath .. and hands .. and heart
24 hours in each day
+ the opportunity to turn them into art

The choice to sit on the diving board's edge
or jump ourselves awake
feel the water swallow us whole,
remind us what's at stake

Let's not hold back.
Let's not act like this is a practice run.
Let's notice how these bodies
the fire of the sun

Let's let the sadness carve our hearts wider
the joy make wings outta our shoulder blades -
let's let it all the way in
bc none of it lasts anyway

Let's not pretend this
is anything less
than a miracle

Let's not waste any more time
on anything less
than awe

Let's dance like NOW is only the moment we'll ever be alive
Because it is. 
Because we are. 

Holy sh't we're alive.