My people!
The other day in yoga class, my mind wandered straight into an epiphany. 

My stream of consciousness wove in and out of recent events, to do lists and the like - and then somewhere along the way, one thought reminded me of another that triggered a brain shattering moment of pure presence in which one singular idea claimed the stage of my prefrontal cortex:

I’m going to die. 

Some day. 
At some point.
This heart will stop.
These lungs will go still.

I'm going to die.
I'm going to die. 
I'm going to die. 

Instantly, every other thought was swallowed up by the full picture of this finite life, and the question of HOW DO I WANT TO SPEND THIS PRECIOUS, TEMPORARY THING eclipsed all the little worries previously consuming my thought space. 

Our egos are super important. They keep us alive. They make sure we don't walk in front of moving vehicles, and learn social cues so we can survive as part of a tribe. But when we let them drive our life, they generate all the dithering repetitive thoughts that drive us insane and distract us from the true meaning of this moment. 

Today is not just another day to survive. 
It’s one in a limited number of days you get on this planet. 
How will you use it? 

Obviously, I am prone to dancing.
Next Thursday we go all in at the first Get Down of 2017 at HOUSE OF YES.
Shall we?

High fives, fellow traveler ~ 
xox Tash