Beautiful humans,
When I went to set up for The Get Down a couple weeks back, I was at a loss. I didn’t know what music to play. I didn’t know who was going to show up. I didn’t know how we were going to “celebrate” with all the craziness unfolding around us politically, environmentally, socially.

I couldn’t see more than 2 inches into the future, much like none of us can predict where our country or our planet are headed right now. But as the night unfolded, what happened on that dance floor blew me over sideways.

I watched more people than we’ve ever had show up to the pre-party meditation.
I watched people who usually stop at the bar first make a beeline for the dance floor.
I watched eyes go wild, feet go fierce and limbs go everywhere.
I watched a room of friends and strangers, college kids and aging hippies, businessmen and bboys turn into one giant, bouncing heartbeat - bigger and more unified than I'd ever seen.

When life rips us open from the inside, we have two choices:
Fall apart and break down, or come together and break through.

What we have now is a massive opportunity:
To turn the raw material of this moment into creative energy, art, and action.
To propel ourselves into all the ways of being we never thought could be ours.

How will you use it? 

To your broken open, unstoppable selves ~
xo Tash