As we reflect on the last 12 months and start making resolutions for the next,
your invitation is this:

Give less f*cks.

Give less f*cks about the things you can’t change, the things that already happened.
Give less f*cks about the mistakes you made + the things people might have thought about you.
Give less f*cks about having the best profile picture, the perfect body, the most polished emails. 
Give less f*cks about getting it right.

Imagine the power we’d have if ours wasn’t so busy obsessing over things that  1) we can do nothing about or  2) have nothing to do with what we actually came here for.

Imagine if we gave less of a f*ck about failure than we do about that intimidating project we've been avoiding that's secretly the most important thing we could possibly pursue. 

Imagine if we gave less of a f*ck about that annoying thing our boss said or how long we've been standing in line at the post office than we do about systemic racism and the planet.

Remember what you came here for.
Decide what you want. 
Go do that. 
F*ck the rest. 

Love you so f*cking much.
xox Tash