My loves,
Every moment is a choice between the way things have always been and the way we imagine they could be. 

We're entering some seriously weird territory as Friday draws near. I've heard friends write off our collective near future as our political climate threatens to undo decades of human and civil rights work. 

But the choice is ours. We can feel defeated, or we can give thanks for the wake up call and get to work. We can get angry and hurl the hurt we feel back against people who think differently from us, or we can realize that the only enemy here is a system that pins us against each other in the first place. We can take a good hard look at who we are not, and then decide who we truly want to be. 

200 charter buses have applied for parking permits to attend Trump's inauguration this Friday. 1200 have applied for the Women's March on Washington Saturday.

We get to choose between hardening our ideas and stretching into new growth. Between hopelessness and imagination. Between apathy and action. Between fear and love. 

Everything is possible, friends. 
Let's rise.


//  For those of you marching Saturday! I'm playing for Daybreaker DC Sunday morning. Tell all your friends.  We're about to make a lot of noise.
//  The Get Down is back at Cielo next Thursday 1/26!  Get on the spaceship.