My people,
I usually avoid getting real personal in these emails. I do my best to extrapolate what life's been teaching me, serve up the larger lesson separate from the backstory, then give you some banging new tunes + party invites. 

But as with most things, sometimes I just have to say f*ck it.

3 months ago, I made the hardest decision of my life. I got rid of most of my stuff, put the rest in storage, left my home and beloved partner of 7 years, and moved onto the road with a suitcase and backpack full of dj gear. 

Saying goodbye to life as I knew it was both terrifying and unavoidable. I'd spent months arguing with myself, gathering all the evidence I could to NOT burn down the precious bridges I'd spent years building.

It took me a long time to follow the advice I dispense so freely here - to drop my thinking mind, listen, and then act on the inner knowing that said "Pack your bags, girl, and give everything you've got to music." 

When I left, it was the most difficult thing I'd ever done.
A little while later, I realized it was just a practice run for what's ahead. 

Because, dear friends, this story isn't really about me.

It's about whether we're willing to let go of plans B and C and lean all the way into the life we've been given. It's about letting go of what you thought you couldn't live without. And it's about how far we're willing to go in pursuit of our deepest truth. 

Because the status quo isn't working. Not for any of us. We cling to it because it's familiar & we're afraid to leap from the confines of our comfort zones. But that's not reason enough to stay. And outside your comfort zone isn't just where the magic happens - it's where the real you lives. 

Go there. 

Love from the road ~
xo Tash

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++  True story.