People of the dance floor!
Life is a crazy animal.

We forget sometimes. Routine takes over, we make assumptions, and that convincing illusion called control permeates our perspective.

Then inevitably, something comes along and punches us in the face and reminds us that literally anything can happen at any time. That we actually have no idea what’s hurling towards us in the next minute, hour, week. We can show up and do our part, but it’s only 49% of the equation. That other 51 is up to life.

I got one of those metaphorical lifesmacks a couple days ago, and subsequently found myself wandering the streets of Portland taking in sounds and colors and smells like they were brand new phenomena. It was a WTF moment that slingshotted me outta my normal day and into the here + now - in which everything is always shifting and anything is possible.

And while that doesn't necessarily make it easy, there's at least one fun question that arises when we get in touch with the dime-turning quick-changing nature of this world:

What do you wish were true?

It's probably closer than you think.
Life wants you to know it so bad it’ll punch you in the face just to get your attention.

xo Tash

Ps! I'm back in NYC next week, The Get Down is taking over Output and I cannot wait to see you.