My peoples,
Last night I sat in the audience as Sigur Ros spilled giant sonic waves over Radio City Music Hall. The show was a masterpiece, building from the subtlest meditative drones into an explosion of light + sound over the course of three hours.

As their weird harmonies swished through my skull, I realized how rarely I sit down and take in something that hasn’t been edited into attention-grabbing quick cuts. I remembered how back in college, my friends and I would just sit and listen to music. And that's it. 

Then I looked over and the dude sitting next to me was checking his email.

I couldn’t judge him. Most of the time I’m skipping between laptop screen and iphone apps, cramming in an extra task while one page takes a minute to load, splintering my attention between as many things as possible because

1)  it gives me the totally false sensation that I’m being more productive
- and -
2)  it prevents me from having to deal with the overwhelming expanse of this moment and all the questions living within it.

It’s a lot to be fully here.
It’s easier to coast from one notification to the next.

But if we're going to do what we came here to do, it’s going to require all of our attention.

For those of you coming to The Get Down tonight: 
You’re invited to notice when you're compelled to check your phone or catch yourself looking around the room for someone / somewhere else to be. And you’re invited, in those moments, to drop back into the music + into the best dance of your life.

Because there’s only one place it can happen.
And that’s right here right now.

Online tickets are sold out. There will be a handful at the door. Arrive before 8pm to ensure entry.

I love you!
xo Tash