My people!
6 months ago I got rid of all my stuff, moved into a suitcase, and said Yes to a crash course in waking up to what it means to be human. 

Every new situation and encounter has been a teacher. I've tried out loads of new things, f'cked up plenty of them, and have been learning to enjoy the tricky bits as much as the intergalactic sunrise synchronicities.

I'm also noticing that every time I reach the top of one mountain, it turns out to be just another hill with a better view of all the bigger rocks left to climb.

The point is not getting to the top.
The point is not getting it right.
The point is not finishing the game.

The point is deciding which game you’re here to play, 
then getting your hands dirty with the joy of it.

Shall we?

//  This Saturday, NYC’s most exquisite party purveyors turn a 72-room estate into a waterfall of wildly sensuous adventures.  Public tickets are sold out, but I’ve got a handful reserved for YOU
//  Next Thursday, I’m back at The Get Down at Cielo with the LEGENDARY Tony Touch. Woot!

And yes! This means I'm moving back to Brooklyn where I’ll be (mostly) settling in to work on some big projects this winter. They’re all things I’ve never done before, and I’ve got no hard evidence that I’ll be able to pull them off  -  but fear is my favorite dance partner these days.

Holy whoa!
Love, Tash