You guys,
Something blew open my world a few months ago. I haven’t written anything about it until now because I was busy recovering from perspective whiplash, but I think my head's back on straight. 

After a life of dancing by myself, I started prancing around on all sorts of social dance floors (blues, fusion, swing, salsa), finding the best dancers in the room and asking them to show me stuff. And it’s been f’ing crazy.

I talk plenty about how showing up to the dance floor (aka life) with a bunch of pre-planned moves & rigid expectations cuts us off from all the possibilities living just beyond our wildest imaginations. How dropping into what’s unfolding through our senses in the here+now opens us to new ways of moving, listening, and being alive.

Try adding another person into the mix.
When was the last time you approached another human being with zero assumptions, expectations or agenda?

When it happens on the dance floor, it's obvious. 
The combination of two swirling bodies creates a third thing that's entirely surprising to both. The belief that the mystery between them contains infinite potential - and the willingness to get curious about it - results in the most breathtaking acts of creativity.

It's what happens when we surrender our head trips long enough to discover something brand new. And it's what happens at The Get Down when the room suddenly turns into one giant jumping spinning group hug

For those of you in NYC, we return to Verboten next Thursday for a truly special edition of The Get Down. Elena Brower is on pre-party yoga, a special guest DJ graces the decks (he is legendary + playing another big show in town, so it's a secret), I'll unveil a project I've been working on for the last 6 months, the crew is back in full force.  Join us :)

To infinity + beyond ~
xo Tash