We went to the moon on Monday night.
(here's some sonic proof for your enjoyment)

Know what I'm even giddier about, though? 

1. MindBodyGreen just published my first article in a pretty cool ongoing series. Every other week, I'll take the stuff I write in these emails and turn it into a legit piece of (mostly) grammatically-correct writing. The extended mix, if you will. Big ups to the internet's largest mindful publisher for letting me throw around the occasional curse word. 

2. The Get Down makes its Brooklyn debut tomorrow + it's going to be so awesome I'm actually nervous. There are 2 tickets left for pre-party deep house yoga with Elena B, and a handful left for dancing madness.  Want em?

There are bunch more goods at the bottom of this email, but first I want to talk about butterflies. 

Here's the deal. 
Know what a caterpillar has in common with a butterfly? 
Structurally, genetically - they are completely different animals. 

The caterpillar basically eats as many leaves as it possibly can and then wraps itself up in a chrysalis. Then, tiny things called "imaginal disks" (seriously, that's what biologists call them) begin to form. These disks contain butterfly DNA. 

Stick with me you guys, I am totally going somewhere with this. 

Once the caterpillar's immune system detects what it perceives to be a foreign genome, it tries to destroy the arising imaginal disks. But they keep coming stronger and faster, and eventually the caterpillar's immune system fails from stress. The caterpillar's body breaks down into a mushy mess, and the imaginal disks use it to build a butterfly. 

I tell you this because
1. People are constantly asking what the deal is with my tattoo
2. Humans go through the same thing (but not just once)

The person you are becoming is too awesome/gorgeous/brilliant/courageous for your current self to even recognize, let alone conceive. 

Life demands that we trust there is something begging to be born through us. That we let go of useless beliefs + ways of being we used to consider our identity, and burn up in the fire of our own creation. And that we allow it to happen, even when we can't see around the next corner. 

Y'all know my favorite place to burn up is in the cauldron of sweat we call the dance floor. But I don't care where you do it, as long as you do. The world wants you, friend. The biggest, most audacious, no-holds-barredest version. 


 xo, Tash

[ events ]
++  TOMORROW  ++   The last Get Down of summer
++  Then, afterparty at the Brooklyn Mirage  ++   Cityfox's venue is opening their doors for complimentary magical caravan-style evening. I'm on from midnight till 2 or later. Come bask in the summer air  (& bring me some green tea)
++  Tuesday August 18  ++   Outdoor Deep House Yoga at McCarren Park
++  Saturday August 22  ++   Magic Hour  //  Flavorpill's new roller skating party
I'm DJing this one with Wolf+Lamb, so lace up and come skate with us!
++  September 9-12  ++   Soul Camp is an insanely fun summer camp for grown ups, and it happens at Camp Towanda of Wet Hot American Summer fame. You probably need to go. West Coasters, I'll be at Soul Camp West in October! Use TASHASOUL for a discount on both :) 

[ music ]
++  New Deep House Yoga++   Seriously, to the moon

[ rad things my friends are doing ]
++  Next week  ++   Summer Blue is an incredible must-see show from some of the best artists in our community. Click through for dates + tickets