Before I head to Wanderlust Aspen for some high-altitude awesome this weekend (I'll be documenting the journey here), I have one simple reminder (and a couple reaaaallly excellent invitations) to share with you. 

1. The Reminder
None of us will ever escape fear. 
Fear is part of being human; its job is to protect us. But with little mortal danger to actually protect us from these days, it gets bored and gets to work manifesting as resistance, procrastination, exhaustion, anger, and so forth and so on, and on and onnn. 

If we let it run us, we end up emotionally, mentally, and creatively constipated. 

BUT this is where it can get good.
Inside every pocket of resistance, just beyond the place where fear locked us up?
Right there, my friends, is a truckload of creative energy that wants to come through. 

This is the good shit. 
It's the stuff we're all searching for. The stuff of inspiration and incredible work, of artistic genius and supreme generosity. The very same creative energy that grows our flowers and our fingernails and turns sunlight into food. When we're not busy limiting it, it is unlimited. 

And if we let it come through, it will turn our stagnation into brilliance. 

Freedom lives just on the other side of discomfort. 
Fear is the signpost telling you exactly where to find it. 
Look where it's pointing,
and go there. 

2. The Invites
Thursday 7.9  -  July's one + only Get Down
For all of you who've been meaning to make it but haven't yet? This is the one to make. 
The Mast joins us for a super special performance that begins with a 6:30pm sonic meditation and builds into a frenzy (so by the time I'm on at 8:30 you're already sweaty). Tickets are moving fast!

Sunday 7.12  -  Suzanne Sterling + I join forces for our first collaborative workshop.
If you're ready to dive a little deeper and let a little looser, this one's for you. 

3. The Music
Tunes from last night's Deep House Yoga @ Verboten

Go get em tigers. 
xo Tash