Recently an acquaintance who follows my work approached me after a dance class (I was smiling pretty big) and said, “So are you just happy ALL the time?”

The Internet is weird. You get glimpses of slices of curated moments of lives and then your brain fills in the monumental gaps with more of the same. And since I usually get real excited when sharing the things I make with you guys, you might imagine my face is a composite of the giddy expressions flitting across my instagram feed.

But happy all the time? That’d be boring as shit.

And those things I make? They wouldn’t get made if I wasn’t consistently propelled forward by a blessed unrest + extreme nostalgia for the indivisible consciousness we came from. 

AND I wouldn’t be certain that people would drink up the medicine of music + movement like water in the desert if it hadn’t saved my own ass ten thousand times.  

I create the best art when I’ve got some grit in my palette, and the key is this:
the discipline to take the raw material of our lives and turn it into something beautiful.

My goal is not happiness.
My goal is freedom:

the ability to be an honest response to what’s real inside + out, 
and then make magic out of it. 

To live my art
To be my wild
To dance my truest dance.

Now you dance yours. 
(Opportunities below)

Love, Tash

[ events ]
TOMORROW  ::  July's one + only Get Down
For all of you who've been meaning to make it but haven't yet? This is the one to make. 
The Mast joins us for a special performance that begins at 6:30pm, plus I've got new tunes for you + they're sexy as hell.  [ Tickets ]

SUNDAY  ::  Suzanne Sterling + I join forces for our first collaborative workshop.
If you're ready to dive deeper and let looser, this one is for you.
It'll only happen once this year, so join your dance floor brothers + sisters and rock out with us!

SATURDAY  ::  Know any awesome young women who want to change the world?
I'm honored to be speaking on a panel at the Live Smart Conference. Pass it on :) 

[ music ]
Sexy Soulful Bounce + Deep Daytime mixes from Wanderlust Aspen
For those of you who are new to this list: you can also find a zillion tunes on my soundcloud page