So much new music (& a roller skating party) for you today!

But first: a download from your deepest truth. 
(no matter how many times I learn this one, it always feels like the first)

The genius you want to become is already alive + well inside you. 
It's smarter than your intellect and bigger than your personality. 
It's stronger than your fears and more gorgeous than your face (which says a lot, you hottie).
Most importantly, it's got your back better than your best-laid plans. 

Your job? To decipher what is bullshit from what is true. 
How? Dance your brains out. Until your mind shuts off and you are returned to the miraculous rhythm of bones blood and beauty you were born to be. Then pay attention. 

There are other ways, but dance is the best I've found so far. 
No need to take my word for it - try & see what happens when your feelings, thoughts and actions line up with the beat and disappear into a single breath. Then I can say we told you so :) 

Good things below. 
Love, Tash

[ events ]
Tuesday July 28  ::  Deep House Yoga Tuesday edition with Elena Brower (no class Monday)
Saturday August 1  ::  Morning Gloryville does BRUNCH hour on the BK waterfront
Thursday August 13::  The Get Down takes Brooklyn for our last party of the summer!
6-7pm  /  Deep House Yoga with Elena Brower (music by me + Trevor Exter)
7-10pm  /  We get DOWN with special guests The Mast + me + The Get Down Crew

[ music ]
++ so many new tunes from Wanderlust ++

[ cool things brought to you by my peeps ]
Tonight  ::   Michelle Joni's Sister of Sparkle training
Saturday  ::   Magic Hour is Flavorpill's new dj'd rollerskating party and you have to go!