Well that was a  summer. Truly f'ing insane and wonderful. I took a couple weeks off writing this email to soak up the last of it, and dive into a terrifying new project. 

I can't tell you what it is yet, but I can tell you that I've never done anything like it before, and it has the potential to be either the coolest thing imaginable or an epic failure. And yesterday it got to me in the form of a crawl-under-the-covers level freakout. 

Here's what pulled me out of it: 
Thinking about what would happen if I quit, said no to the next grand adventure, and stayed in my comfort zone - all because I was scurred. 

The secret of art is to choose the freakiest thing, be grateful you've got something that's worth getting all worked up over, give it everything you've got, and don't give a shit about how many damn facebook likes it gets. 

The greatest art is a risk. So is the greatest love.
I vote we do it anyway. 

[ some excellent things ] 

//  We finally made a legit video of the magic otherwise known as The Get Down + it gives me the warm fuzzies.Watch here  <<<  
//  The next Get Down is next week!
//  Come to Soul Camp with me tomorrow
//  New delish Verboten mix is up 
//  My fall NYC + tour schedule is live

You're awesome. 
xo Tash