Real quick, before I talk about space travel:
Come to Flavorpill's roller skating party with me and Wolf+Lamb this Saturday!
Fun fact: all my birthday parties in elementary school were roller skating parties. This one will be way awesomer, but there's still a chance I'll drop some of my favorite tunes from 1996 for old time's sake.  Strap on your fancy hats, glitter and wheels + let's jam. 

// Now. Remember when you were a kid and everyone wanted to know what you wanted to be when you grew up? 

And you'd be all, Astronaut! 
(Actually, I wanted to be Jem. I'd line up my stuffed animals, turn up my boombox and point it at them. Clearly not much has changed.)

We're not kids anymore, but most of us don't consider ourselves astronauts, and a lot of us still think we have to figure out what we're supposed to be. 

First of all: 
There is no "supposed to." 

How much energy would you free up if you stopped trying to figure it out?

How much more available would you be to what's actually in front of you?
The only opportunities in the entire universe exist right here, right now.

No one ever figures it out. 
You will never "arrive." 
That's not how time + space work. The second you think you’ve got it handled is the moment you stop exploring an existence that is, by nature, ephemeral. Keep asking the questions. Don't fixate on the answers. Anyone who tells you they have them is lying. Don't believe me. Stay fascinated.

Life is an adventure and then you die.
You're never grown up, only growing. 
Live to the point of tears, dance your ass off daily, 
and be unrelentingly generous along the way.  

Oh and keep roller skating. 

Fist bump!  xo Tash

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[ writing ] 
++  If you missed it last week, I just started up a pretty cool ongoing series on MindBodyGreen. Every other week, I'll take the stuff I write in these emails and turn it into a legit piece of (mostly) grammatically-correct writing. The extended mix, if you will. Here's the first one