Some especially deep + beautiful tunes for you this week.

I write you from the wilds of Brooklyn where I’m drinking copious amounts of juice, annoying my neighbors with loud music (the juiciest), and conducting existential conversations about life + love in my living room (even juicier). 

Judging from said conversations, we could all could use some sonic miracles right now. 

We are slipping into late summer, the days are sticky, the pressure’s on,
and beneath the social feeds and busy-ness,
things are shaking us up and turning us inside out.

Most likely: 
It’s all happening for our benefit + growing us into the badasses we always already were.
Doesn’t make it easy, though.

& that’s where the music comes in.
It carries us when nothing else can,
pulls out the power in our hips,
and transforms an aching heart into a beating breathful one.

We all know how to dance.
It’s what happens when you quit trying to figure it all out, really listen to the music, and give it up to that thing that happens when your mind jumps off its hamster wheel and the beat catches you.

Next Thursday, I've got beats to catch you.
It's been a month since the last Get Down  &  we   are    r e a d y !
There are still tickets left, but they're moving quick so you might want to grab yours now.

{ To the moon and back }
   xo Tash

PS.  I'm booking a west coast tour for October. If you're in, on or around the Pacific Ocean and want to make something awesome happen, hit me up! 

[ events ]
Thursday August 13   ::   The last Get Down of summer, Brooklyn style.
6-7pm  /  Deep House Yoga with Elena Brower (music by me + Trevor Exter)
7-10pm  /  We get DOWN with special guests The Mast + me + The Get Down Crew

Saturday August 22   ::   Magic Hour is Flavorpill's new roller skating party.
I'm DJing this one with Wolf+Lamb, so lace up and come skate with us!
Every Monday   ::   Deep House Yoga @ Verboten with my fave teachers + very best tunes

[ music ]
++ Deep House Yoga. Extra Sexy. ++