I'm just back from spinning in the mountains at Wanderlust, and pretty inspired by the potent reminders that took it upon themselves to (lovingly) smack me upside the face. 

It's come to my attention that some of even the most loyal readers of this email stop scrolling when they hit the end of my little love note to you. You guys!  There is ALWAYS at least one dope mix of new tunes at the bottom.  Today there are SIX. 

Now that you never have to miss the music again,
there's just one takeaway from this weekend I want to give you. 

The shit that really gets in our way is rarely some huge, glaringly obvious thing. 
It's the thousand tiny things which sneak up on us over time and limit our badassery: 
It's the way we hunch our shoulders and bite our tongues and procrastinate,
and it all adds up, over time, into our life. 

And there's no time for that crap. 

The planet needs you to be a superhero NOW.
We have to use every resource we've got to shake that shit out every single day. 
We have to check ourselves on the regular and quit stifling our own light.

We come to the dance floor, yoga mat, meditation cushion (basketball court, studio, sketchbook, hiking trail) to tap the creative genius that cuts straight to our bones & ruts out the stuck places, 

so we can let go of what isn't necessary and let the good stuff come through, 

so that it fills up the thousands of tiny decisions we make every day and becomes our life.

Do what you f'ing love.
Listen to the fire inside.
There's no way to extinguish it without extinguishing yourself.
Light it UP.

That's what we do at The Get Down, and we're doin it this Thursday from 7-10pm.
Join us.

Love you big as light.
xo Tasha

Here it is:  Six choice mixes recorded live at Wanderlust Vermont