Hey earthlings!

Got your list of 20 ways you'll be better next year all ready to go?
Me neither. 

It's doubtful I could ever remember something like that - let alone actualize it - so I'll be letting just one simple phrase come with me into 2016: 

F'ck it. 

There is too much good to do right here right now to waste any more time staying small, fixing ourselves, fighting ourselves, holding onto things that aren't working, or avoiding the untested possibilities that might just work. There is too much good to do. 

Generally, our gut knows what to do in all situations.
The problems arise when we listen closer to fear, social mores, and expert opinions. 

So, eff those. Listen to what's real. 
Say the things that need to be said (especially the uncomfortable ones)
Do the things that need to be done (especially the terrifying ones)
Then let's get on with saving the planet and evolving humanity, shall we? 

High fives!
xo Tash

// My last public set of 2015 was a wild 3 hours on Cielo's Funktion One. It starts slow, goes high, and includes the tracks I crushed on hardest this year - along with the live interlude we don't usually post. 
// We'll be doing it all again at Verboten on January 21, and presale tickets are already moving quick.