Beautiful dancing people! This is the longest I've gone without sending out music in years, and I've missed you major. 

I've spend the last couple months traveling and deejaying underground clubs, operas, bizarre high end bottle service establishments, yoga studios, giant cruise ships and palo santo-saturated ecstatic dance floors. I've rubbed shoulders (and bounced feet) with full-time mothers, tech savants, homeless geniuses, quadriplegic athletes and nomadic millionaires. 

Know what the only difference between any of them was? 
How they think about themselves. 

Sure, we're all raised under different circumstances with different advantages and lacks thereof, but it's what we do with those circumstances that creates our life. How deep we dive into what we love, how big we allow ourselves to become, and how we show up for the world are choices dictated by who we've decided we are. 

The best place to experiment with this phenomenon? 
The dance floor. 
Nowhere is it more obvious that the biggest limitations we encounter live inside our heads, and nowhere can we let go of our heads quicker than inside a sweaty cyclone of music.

The latitude you allow your brilliance is important. 
How you show up for the world matters. 

If you're in NYC, you're invited to get big with us at The Get Down tonight. 
If you're anywhere else, find the closest patch of empty floor, turn up your tunes and remember just how free you are to bring magic onto this planet. 

Love, Tash