Friends + music lovers + lovers + music friends!
There are 2 new mixes waiting for your ears at the bottom of this email, 
but first I’ve got some honesty for your brains.

This year has been the most interdimensionally exhilarating of my life so far - not because I got to travel or meet new people or make more art (though that happened, thanks Universe!)

It's because I started telling the truth.
Those other sweet outcomes are just symptoms of that fact that I stopped believing fear is a good reason to avoid difficult conversations or hold back the potentially offensive / highly creative / totally awesome realness transpiring inside my cells.

And the real reason this matters?
The amount of energy we waste squirreling away our aliveness is insane.
The time we spend trying to be anything besides what we currently are is a resource we could otherwise be spending on saving the planet.

Easy? Not always. Comfortable? Definitely not at first. 
But the only material we’ve ever actually got to work with is the truth of what's happening right now. When we tell it fully, we get full access to all our resources. We become an open + spacious response to what's real, and reality opens up to us in return. 

Pro tip: the truest move is usually the one that makes you squirm at least a little. 
Just use the squirm as an excuse to start dancing. 

Good stuff below!
Love, Tash

** NYC people: I rock all 3 hours of The Get Down tomorrow night. It's my last public set of the year, and you can expect every sonic moment to be filled with the craziest, most honest beauty I can muster.