Hey comrades! 'Tis the season for a million holiday survival tip emails and I was totally planning to not send you one, but then I noticed most of them are kind of missing the point. 


All these lists of 5 ways to not overeat at holiday parties (use smaller plates!) and deal with holiday stress (start shopping early!) aren’t wrong, but if instead of reaching for an extra glass of wine, we reach for a glass of water, we are still reaching for things instead of turning in, where the actual truth lives. 


You might think it’s some hippie crap to say that all the answers are inside, but consider this:

Plants don’t have to google photosynthesis. 

Squirrels don’t need someone to tell them how to survive winter or take care of their ecosystem. 

And how to not be crazy? That instruction manual lives right there inside your bones. 


How to find it: 

Lasso your consciousness in the midst of its thinking rampage and plant it back inside your body. Force yourself onto a yoga mat, sit your ass on the couch and close your eyes for 4 minutes, throw yourself into the ocean, or turn up your headphones and shake. it. out. 


The terrifying truth is that when we actually inhabit our whole selves, the real solutions become available immediately. And all those old tricks we’ve perfected for forgetting who we really are? They become irrelevant, and we have to change. 


And real change? That shit is scary. But also really good, and so worth it. 

This week, grant your consciousness the privilege of fully inhabiting your body:

every miraculous cell currently operating of its own volition to keep you alive. 


It’s from this place that we can love whatever’s in front of us - no matter how stressful it might seem. That’s what it means to give thanks. 


Love you. Like, a lot.

xo Tash