Sometimes a velocity shift is a good thing.
Things I dig about the west coast: 
-  Green trees + chill humans
-  The time zone makes my sleep schedule seem totally reasonable
-  There is really, really good dance here. 

The convenient thing about dancing while traveling is that it returns you to the center of the cyclone. 

If you want to avoid falling over or smacking into people, you've gotta drop into the place where your brain is tethered to your booty and your hips are mind-melded with your feet which are (hey!) an inextricable part of the earth. You know, that thing that holds us up. 

That's the convenient thing about dancing while living, too. When we don't let the change that is life yank us around by the eyeballs, we can actually make the things we want to make and be the people we we came here to be. I recommend it, obvs. 

One important note for my NYC people!
The Get Down is happening October 15.
Sexy geniuses David Hohme + Rob Lux are standing in for me, and the whole tribe will be there. Sweat for me :) Tickets here

Come find me on a dance floor somewhere. 
Love, Tash