Welcome to your current inhale, friends!
The incredible moment to which billions of years of exploding stars, intergalactic fire storms and cell division have led us. This one, right here. 

When you opened this note, were you tripping over the past or into the future?
(If you were present, congrats and please teach me your zen email secrets)

Wherever you were, totally cool! Our brain uses past information to ensure future survival so we've got food to eat, places to sleep, business plans that just might work, etc. 

But unchecked, that pattern turns into some version of us begging for future outcomes based on past happiness. When we grip too furiously to a specific goal (even if it is our wildest most beautiful dream), we limit ourselves. We miss the unexpected events offering to weave our life into something beyond what we could have ever imagined. 

As my normal routines have obliterated themselves on the road, I've been living into the question of what happens when we put aside our expectations and show up for what wants to show up for us. 

One example: somewhere in the midst of yesterday's travel delirium, I had a conversation in which I learned Marianne Williamson is hosting a badass conference for women in LA and was all "Does she need a DJ??" ... then promptly forgot about it. 

10 minutes before I sat down to write this, I got a text that said "Marianne Williamson is expecting a call from you." 

So that's happening this weekend.

The conference can be livestreamed from anywhere, and if you want to jump on the yes train with me here in California, there's plenty more stuff happening this week in LA, next Thursday at Soul Camp in Wonder Valley (life-changing!!), and next Friday night in Nevada City. 

Keep those eyes open.
Miracles are hurling towards you. 
Love, Tasha