yes YOU,
take it in.
now let it out, carbon dioxide alchemized from oxygen inside your own skin. 
this is what we have to work with: 
breath ... and hands ... and heart

24 hours in each day
+ the opportunity to turn them into art.
the choice to sit on the diving board’s edge
or JUMP ourselves awake
feel the water swallow us whole
remind us what’s at stake.

let’s not hold back. 
let’s not act like this is a practice run. 
let’s pause & notice
how these bodies
the fire of the sun

let’s let the sadness carve our hearts wider
the joy make wings out of our shoulder blades - 
let’s let it all the way in
because none of it lasts anyway.

let’s not pretend THIS
is anything less
than a miracle

let’s not waste time
on anything less
than awe

let’s dance like NOW is the only moment we’ll ever be alive
because it is.
because we ARE.

giving birth is hard. and easy. and worth it.

Darlings of creation,
Know what I learned in the process of turning my entire brain into an actionable curriculum for the world (AKA Radical Movement 101)?

Saying YES to what wants to be born through you is f'ing hard.
It illuminates your stuck parts and stretches your circumference.
It's messy AF.

I learned that ecstasy is not always easy, and bliss hurts sometimes.

One of my friends is a genius acrobat who moves in ways you wouldn’t think were real. One day she said to me, "Anyone can do it. You just gotta like pain."

That one taught taught me a lot about what it takes to touch the edges of what's possible. 

ALL-IN ART burns you from the inside out.
And when you stay with it anyway, and feel the fire, and keep going? 
Everything that was never really you in the first place gets burned away. 

Then what's left over is a whole new life:
the one where you actually give what you came here to give.

So whatever you’re most afraid of? Resistant to? Struggling with?
Whatever you’ve been avoiding and putting on the back burner? 
It’s worth it.

It doesn't matter what results you get. The person you become in the process of meeting your fear is the person you came here to be.

Module 9 of RM101 is called Sit In the Fire of Your Own Becoming, and Learn to Love the Burning.

This is the work we are doing. Enrollment closes this Friday
If you’ve been considering the leap, you’ve got nothing to lose but your limitations.

I love you. I see you.
Keep going. 
xo Tasha

//  Here are some things this incredible tribe of radical movers have said:

I’m already in love with it all … i’ve been browsing, watching, listening and it all feels like pure magic.

Moments of goosebumps, moments of tears, moments of ecstatic bliss… I feel like my whole life is about to turn into one giant get down!

7 days in RM101 and it feels great! Full of surprises. I’ve been able to recognize that i judge myself extremely hard and I’m actually on the right track. I’m excited to see how this evolves!

For such a long time, my body has been trying to tell me that this is where my healing is found. Thanks to RM101 I’m wide awake, fully listening and moving!

Domenica dedicata al primo modulo di #radicalmovement101 con @djtashablank. La playlist in loop per ballare e il quaderno nuovo per il journaling.

Your course helped me find ground and open my heart yesterday. I was in a rough emotional space and this gratitude practice is everything right now. Magic already.

let yourself be shattered.

Whatup humans. 
One of the greatest mysteries of biology + my favorite story of all nature is holometabolism: the process by which the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. 

You might think that caterpillars are just baby butterflies, and that the chrysalis is where they grow up. Not true.

The caterpillar and butterfly actually come from two different genomes. They are two separate animals, and the caterpillar is born with dormant cells called imaginal discscontaining the idea of butterfly DNA.

When the caterpillar tires of its boring, grass-eating life and enters the chrysalis, the imaginal discs wake up + start multiplying. But because the imaginal discs have a different genome, the caterpillar's immune system recognizes them as an outside threat and begins attacking them. 

But that butterfly DNA is mad resilient + it keeps multiplying until the caterpillar's immune system exhausts itself from all the fighting, implodes, and dissolves into goo. 

The imaginal discs then build a butterfly out of caterpillar goo. 

I kid y'all not. This is the best explanation biologists have for butterflies. And it's the best metaphor we've got for our own growth + transformation

We can't just get rid of one symptom or change one feeling or circumstance. If we want to become who we came here to be, we have to die to who we used to think we were.

Dramatic AF?
But also really, really fun when done right.

I'll be honest: a buncha parts of me had to die in order to create Radical Movement 101. Making this thing turned me inside out, and some days were a full on caterpillar/imaginal disc war. 

But what's dope is that the course itself is transformation. It forced me to dive deep into every single principle + practice it teaches in order to make it. In the process, it transformed my own bullsh'tty bits into creative fuel. 

And now: it all goes live tomorrow. 

It's currently totally underpriced (oops! learning) .. so the 33 bucks/month you can currently get it for will last maybe 24 more hours. Cuz it's kinda the best sh't in the universe

If you or someone you loved is in one of those caterpillar-into-butterfly life moments: now is the moment to jump in.

Scroll down for parties + invites + new music :) 
 xo Tasha

this. is. everything.

My people, 

This is a moment. 

You know, the freaky-exhilarating-wild-difficult-joyful kind ... where time slows down because everything's been leading up to this + all you can do is sit back and watch. 

It's the reason you haven't heard from me in so long, and it's kind of everything

I’ve spent the last 2 months in the deepest creative process I've undertaken since I was jacked up on amphetamines at NYU, pulling all nighters and chain smoking while writing critical theory papers. 

This time was healthier :) 
But honestly? More intense. 

Because this time, I distilled every lesson I’ve learned + every practice I’ve refined over the last decade about how to be free + in love with existence into a practical, actionable, f’ingadventure of an online course for you.

The realest truth is that yeah, I dj + make music + art + a buncha noise. But underlying all that is a bigger story: one where I started out as an addict, full of self-hate and afraid of everything. Where I found myself in some real dark places, and learned how to use night vision. 

It's the road I paved on my way outta that hell + into a life made of pure magic. 

You deserve that same kind of magic. 
You deserve tangible wonder, relentless freedom, sustainable elation.
You deserve an enduring connection to a source of power that fuels your most potent liberation, inspiration, and creation. You know, that superhero sh't. 

I made this course so you don’t have to learn the hard way or figure it out on your own. So you can deliver your heart back to yourself without getting it handed to you on a platter. 

It's called Radical Movement 101, and it's a fully integrated soul + spirit + psyche process that guides you through the best mind-body practices on the planet. Oh an also dancing. And music. Cuz you know how I roll. 

Today launches a series of intro videos that'll give the world a taste of what it's all about. I just posted this one, and you're totally invited to share if it resonates!

But since YOU already know me, I'm giving you access to registration forRadical Movement 101 nowBecause eff it. I love you, and you deserve the antidote to your overload - STAT. 

This is the best stuff I've got, my friends.
I hope you enjoy it all the way down to your toes. 

Let's DO this!
xox Tasha

I got smacked awake last week.

Dance lost a legend last week. 

I found out about Voodoo Ray's passing when I got to Cielo before the Get Down, saw candles burning in the dj booth next to Ray's picture and had one of those slow-motion moments where reality as I knew it (the one where Ray beams his megavolt smile while ripping up dance floors everywhere) suddenly changed. 

In the days since, the NYC underground has galvanized in an explosion of art + music, swarming streets + clubs with an energy so full of heart it's become a lesson in what love looks like. A lesson in how to do life right. A testament to the power of one flame to illuminate a whole community with light. 


Yes you, take it in. 
Now let it out, carbon dioxide alchemized from oxygen inside your own skin. 

This is what we have to work with:
breath .. and hands .. and heart
24 hours in each day
+ the opportunity to turn them into art

The choice to sit on the diving board's edge
or jump ourselves awake
feel the water swallow us whole,
remind us what's at stake

Let's not hold back.
Let's not act like this is a practice run.
Let's notice how these bodies
the fire of the sun

Let's let the sadness carve our hearts wider
the joy make wings outta our shoulder blades -
let's let it all the way in
bc none of it lasts anyway

Let's not pretend this
is anything less
than a miracle

Let's not waste any more time
on anything less
than awe

Let's dance like NOW is only the moment we'll ever be alive
Because it is. 
Because we are. 

Holy sh't we're alive.

The Only Question You Ever Need To Ask About Anything.

My people,
I’ve given up. 
I’ve thrown in the towel & set it on fire.

I’m done figuring it out.
I’m done strategizing and setting goals.
I’m done wondering what’s going to happen, and whether I’m going to get my way.

All the best things that have gone down in my life? 

I didn’t plan that sh*t.
I couldn’t have.

The mind bases everything off one thing & one thing only:
the Past. 

So all that future-tripping?
Just my mind trying to get control over something it can’t even touch.

You want what’s real? 
Then there’s only one question to ask, ever:

Is my heart a f*ck yes to this? 

The answer won’t assure a single outcome.
It won’t even let you see around the corner.
Your inner control freak will piss its pants, and your defenses will get all riled up.

But if you go with it, it'll turn each moment into a surprise delivery direct from the genius of your heart. It’ll blow your tiny little person-brain, rip you outta the comfy corners of familiarity you've built around yourself, and hurl you straight into your actual life.

You know, the one you came here to live.
The one that’s been waiting for you this whole time.

I'm all in. 
Wanna come?

Psychic Instincts + F*Cking It All Up.

Well peoples, 
A few weeks ago I wrote about making the leap of going weekly with The Get Down. I was all nervous about taking the risk of trying something new + uncertain.

And what’s awesome?
It totally didn’t work. 

I mean, we did it once, and it was a great party (that’s just how we roll). But as I sat with my headphones + heart on the train ride home at the end of the night, my gut was just like, Nope. 

I’d just made this giant deal outta going weekly, and told freaking EVERYONE, and then we tried it, and felt it, and it didn’t feel right. 

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that gut feeling (the invisible inner knowing that has nothing to do with logic or strategy, and everything to do with the actual sensations you’re currently experiencing below your overactive headbrain) will only get louder the longer you don’t listen. 

It can also be hard to trust because it’s just a feeling that exists in the present moment - it never guarantees an outcome. But when I look back on all the times I’ve trusted it enough to follow its instructions, it always proves itself to be f*cking genius.

So for the next 90 days, I’m giving my mind a break. Every decision I make? I’m going with my gut. No matter how crazy it seems, I’m telling my headbrain to STFU. 

I'll document it all on my IG story, just in case yer curious.

Wondering what my gut's decided to do with the The Get Down?
Tomorrow we're ON at Cielo (the last time we dance under their discoball till autumn!). Then we rock House of YES July 20 + August 3rd. Then we take a summer break till September.  

Yap, we’re going on vacation. Cuz we feel like it.
And for the next 90 days? That's reason enough. 

Love your guts :) 

Sweaty Featherbeds + The Magic Of No Return.

Magical peeps, 

You know that feeling right before you jump off something really high up? The moment of truth in the battle between the part of you that wants to stay safe + the part of you that wants to leap?


Tonight, The Get Down goes weekly for the first time ever.
And as excited as I am, I'm also nervous as f'ck.

It doesn’t matter that we have the most amazeballs community I’ve ever seen, crazy dedicated dance floor maniacs, juicy incredible sound systems, gorgeous venues, high vibes, strong tribe, and an undying commitment to the rhythm.

It’s a new thing.
We're jumping into new territory, and I don't know where we'll land. 

When I woke up this morning with that pre-cliff jumping feeling in my chest, I was reminded of my favorite quote in the history of the universe from Terence McKenna -

Nature loves courage. You make the commitment, and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it's a feather bed.

When we run into one of these moments of truth, we get to decide:
Do I cling to the ground I know? 
Or do I trust life enough to leap? 

Tonight we take it to church.
You coming?

xo T

Surprise Rocket Fuel + The Nitty Gritty Of Your Genius.

What’s up beautiful creation machines!

Have you been half heartedly hacking away at your to do list today? Chasing after a sense of satisfaction, wondering how many tasks need to be finished before fulfillment sets in?

I wake up feeling like that pretty much every day.

Somewhere along the way, I picked up the belief that if we want to really be effective, our work’s gotta feel at least a little bit like suffering, and our accomplishments are equal to the amount of boring crap we’re willing to endure.

Dumbest. Idea. Ever.

Because yeah, we can totally get up every day and WILLPOWER our way through the jobs we’ve been told will get us the things we’re supposed to care about. We can slog through the day exhausted & resentful of the mountain of sh*t in our inbox.

And it’ll result in terrible output, because willpower is weak and unreliable in the long run, and we suck when we’re not stoked on life.

Option #2:
Take your old ideas about work & set that sh*t on fire. 

There are certain activities that make us come alive, give us energy, and inspire satisfying, effortless action. Where it’s not the end product we're after - it's the nitty gritty of actually doing the thing that gets us off.

It doesn’t matter what that thing is. It doesn't matter whether we think it would be a worthwhile “job,” or whether we think making our whole life about it is “realistic.”

Because this is our zone of genius.
And our zone of genius is Pure. F*cking. Magic. 

The love we feel when we're in it isn't random, or pointless. 
It is rocket fuel for our brilliance.
And it's the clue that we're really onto something. 

Listen to the fire inside, my loves.
It knows the way. 

How To Blow Up Your Mind.

Hey earthlings!

Are you taking yourself seriously enough on today’s voyage around the sun?
Giving your fear sufficient power over your reality?
Living comfortably inside a limited interpretation of what’s possible for your life?

Yesterday I got stuck in an anxiety feedback loop that was ruining my mood, blocking my inspiration, and f'king with my productivity (for reals, I had every intention of sending this email 36 hours ago).

I had totally legit evidence to support my perspective. Good reasons. Backup.
But that annoying voice of wisdom in the back of my brain kept whispering,
That story might be true, but your relationship to it is still a choice. 

I also knew there was no getting to a new perspective with a mind stuck in the old one. There was no pulling myself outta this with logic. So I put one foot in front of the other and got my ass to the dance floor.

See, this whole idea of a “mind-body connection” is bullsh*t.
They are the same thing. 

That's why it's called being a tightass. 

Want to rocketship straight through the stressful situation jacking up your shoulders or the heartache tightening your chest? 

Find a beat and throw yourself in it.
Shake that sh*t out, then find new ways to move.
New ways of thinking will follow.

Get weird my loves.
Your mind will thank you.
xo Tash

//  2 new posts up on my blog!
     --> sit the f*ck down + stop trying
     --> fear is my bff: why you should tell your brain to STFU

kill your darlings.

Well my loves,
The email I've been avoiding is here. 

A few weeks back I sent out a newsletter with the subject line Vulnerable AF. It was about starting a blog and sharing more of my process + life with the world. 

[ Your responses were amazing! I read every single one of them. Thank you. ]

Then, as often happens when I make a statement like that to a ton of people, the Universe turned around & was like Vulnerable AF, eh? Well here’s a bunch of sh*t to feel INSANELY vulnerable about. Now go walk your talk, Miss Thing.

And thus I said hello to Growth + Expansion’s lovely counterparts, Fear + Resistance.

This happens every time. 

Whenever I evolve into a new level of living, the parts of me that were keeping me stuck inside my previous life have to die. And so they fight like hell to survive, showing up in the form of excuses, tiredness, distraction, and anything else they can come up with to keep me from moving beyond them.

We live in a dual universe. Everything in life shows up with its opposite.
That's just part of the game.

Without dark there is no light.
Without death there is no life.
Without resistance, there is no expansion.

I used to buy into Resistance. I believed its stories about my capacities + all the scary things that would happen if I leaned into my dreams.

Now I don’t.
That is the only difference, and it’s the only one that matters. 

So, beautiful people - my first 3 blog posts are up on
On Making Sh*t + Sucking at Stuff
On Dating as a Spiritual Practice
How to be Happy When You Have No Idea WTF is Going On

Stay tuned for weekly posts. And if you dig them, please like, comment + share!
(My resistance really hated typing that).

Thank you for reading. And listening. And speaking. And dancing. 
Without you, the party is boring. 

vulnerable af.

Things are about to get realer.

Last week I sat in a circle of women during a workshop on feminine sexuality at Envision Festival. Lit by candlelight & in various states of undress (it was hot okay), we spilled our guts to each other about some of our deepest struggles.

As each woman shared experiences & feelings she usually kept to herself, the entire group exhaled as if to say "Me too."   

I saw how revealing our deepest truths -- especially the ones we normally keep hidden -- gives those around us permission to stop fighting the experience of being human, and frees everyone up to be more of ourselves. 

This got me thinking about how much of myself I reveal in my public writing. 
There's plenty I don't say, and I often cloak the more personal parts of my journey in universality. But I wonder if the specifics might turn out to be more universal than I've thought.
& I wonder if that might be more useful for the world.   

So I’m starting a blog. 
I’ll write more personal, in-depth pieces more often. I'll nerd out about the universe, explore the ins + outs of the creative process, and share lessons learned out on the front lines of love.

It’s gonna be vulnerable AF.

And my peeps, I also want to hear from YOU.
What do you want to read about?
No topic is off limits.
I’m all ears.

(I must really love y'all)
xoxo Tash

Stories of Fearlessness: Interview with

EVERUP: What’s your biggest fear?

BLANK: Making mistakes.

How did your fear impact your profession/passion?

Since mistakes are crucial to the creative process and all positive growth, my fear was crippling. Synthesizing my passions for music, dance, spirituality and performance into a career required me to try out and mess up a lot of ideas as I figured it out. I spent much of the first few years of my career in a constant state of anxiety.

Thankfully, I’ve got pretty serious ADD and an inability to do much of anything that I’m not passionate about. So I was left with no choice but to learn how to deal with and move through those seriously uncomfortable feelings.

How did you overcome your fear?

I changed my relationship to it. Our egos (the part of our minds responsible for fear) are built to protect us and keep us safe—a mechanism which keeps us inside our comfort zones. While that strategy might sometimes prevent disaster, it also keeps us from doing anything new, interesting and beyond the confines of what we already know.

Once I recognized my fear as an alarm bell that goes off every time I do something that will probably lead to my life becoming more awesome, exciting, and expansive, I started to be able to befriend it; to see it as a signal that I’m on the right path rather than as an indication of danger.

These sweaty palms and racing heart might be temporarily uncomfortable, but the willingness to tolerate them pays off a thousandfold.

What achievement were you able to unlock thanks to overcoming your fear?

I owe all of the good things in my life to moving through fear. Throwing parties? I didn’t have a clue what I was doing those first few years. DJing? Totally freaked me out. Writing for audiences of thousands? If you could listen to the chorus of voices in my head saying,“Nobody cares what you think; Who are you to take up space in people’s inboxes?” you’d think I was insane. Speaking and singing publicly? Terrifying. Literally everything I’ve accomplished has been done in the face of it.

Is there an ongoing exercise or practice to maintain your fearlessness?

The most important thing is remembering that when it comes to being human, there’s no such thing as fearlessness. If you’re waiting to do something until you feel fearless about it, you’ll never do it. Fear is a part of life. Just like joy, sadness and love. The question is how we choose to relate to it. Here are my three step process for moving through it:

Out your fear:

When we name the big feelings swirling around inside our psyches, we lessen their power over us. For example, if I’m hesitating before having a difficult conversation with someone, I’ll begin by saying “Look, I’m totally intimidated/uncomfortable/nervous to bring this up with you, so I guess it’s important!” Letting yourself start where you are is the first step to actually starting.

See it as a good thing:

Reminding yourself that experiencing the temporary discomfort of fear will be worth it in the long run (and that your future self will thank you!) is crucial. And the more you practice this process, the more you’ll start to automatically respond to the feeling of fear with an excitement that says, “Awesome! My life’s about to get way cooler that I thought it could be.”

Find greater meaning:

If your reason for doing something fear-provoking is purely ego-based (i.e.: it’s all about you)—you’re just pitting your ego against itself. When you make your mission about something bigger—like helping other humans or healing the environment—you give it way more power, and put your self-interested ego back in its proper place (one where it doesn’t run your life).

We all already know the ultimate endgame here: we die. Our egos will never ultimately succeed in their mission to keep us safe. So we might as well have as much fun and do as much cool shit as possible while we’re here!

Sick as f*ck + the gospel of force quit.

A quick note on getting your plans upended & your tables turned -

Go with it. 

Back in December I came down with bronchitis and lost my singing voice.
“I’ll be better in a week," I said.

What followed was a solid two months of nonstop hacking and a forced break from a project I was attached to accomplishing immediately

There is a palpable sense of urgency these days.
It’s important that we listen & respond to what’s happening around us. 

It’s the exhale that clears space for the next inhale.
It’s the space between the notes that creates music. 
It’s the moments of pause where we settle into the stillness inside that allow us to access the genius living there. 

Sometimes getting knocked down is life's way of setting us back upright on the path we otherwise mighta hurried past. 

I can't name the number of incredible things that happened because I surrendered to this weird creative limbo. But I can tell you that I'm emerging from it with new tools & the awareness necessary to actually make the thing I'm here to make.

Go easy on yourselves my loves.
Then use the energy you gather up to go kick some f'ing ass.

xo  Tash

The Edge Of Infinity + The Best Statistic I've Heard All Week

My loves,
Every moment is a choice between the way things have always been and the way we imagine they could be. 

We're entering some seriously weird territory as Friday draws near. I've heard friends write off our collective near future as our political climate threatens to undo decades of human and civil rights work. 

But the choice is ours. We can feel defeated, or we can give thanks for the wake up call and get to work. We can get angry and hurl the hurt we feel back against people who think differently from us, or we can realize that the only enemy here is a system that pins us against each other in the first place. We can take a good hard look at who we are not, and then decide who we truly want to be. 

200 charter buses have applied for parking permits to attend Trump's inauguration this Friday. 1200 have applied for the Women's March on Washington Saturday.

We get to choose between hardening our ideas and stretching into new growth. Between hopelessness and imagination. Between apathy and action. Between fear and love. 

Everything is possible, friends. 
Let's rise.


//  For those of you marching Saturday! I'm playing for Daybreaker DC Sunday morning. Tell all your friends.  We're about to make a lot of noise.
//  The Get Down is back at Cielo next Thursday 1/26!  Get on the spaceship.

The Morbid Realization That Instantly Set Me Free.

My people!
The other day in yoga class, my mind wandered straight into an epiphany. 

My stream of consciousness wove in and out of recent events, to do lists and the like - and then somewhere along the way, one thought reminded me of another that triggered a brain shattering moment of pure presence in which one singular idea claimed the stage of my prefrontal cortex:

I’m going to die. 

Some day. 
At some point.
This heart will stop.
These lungs will go still.

I'm going to die.
I'm going to die. 
I'm going to die. 

Instantly, every other thought was swallowed up by the full picture of this finite life, and the question of HOW DO I WANT TO SPEND THIS PRECIOUS, TEMPORARY THING eclipsed all the little worries previously consuming my thought space. 

Our egos are super important. They keep us alive. They make sure we don't walk in front of moving vehicles, and learn social cues so we can survive as part of a tribe. But when we let them drive our life, they generate all the dithering repetitive thoughts that drive us insane and distract us from the true meaning of this moment. 

Today is not just another day to survive. 
It’s one in a limited number of days you get on this planet. 
How will you use it? 

Obviously, I am prone to dancing.
Next Thursday we go all in at the first Get Down of 2017 at HOUSE OF YES.
Shall we?

High fives, fellow traveler ~ 
xox Tash

Fuck Your New Years Resolutions.

As we reflect on the last 12 months and start making resolutions for the next,
your invitation is this:

Give less f*cks.

Give less f*cks about the things you can’t change, the things that already happened.
Give less f*cks about the mistakes you made + the things people might have thought about you.
Give less f*cks about having the best profile picture, the perfect body, the most polished emails. 
Give less f*cks about getting it right.

Imagine the power we’d have if ours wasn’t so busy obsessing over things that  1) we can do nothing about or  2) have nothing to do with what we actually came here for.

Imagine if we gave less of a f*ck about failure than we do about that intimidating project we've been avoiding that's secretly the most important thing we could possibly pursue. 

Imagine if we gave less of a f*ck about that annoying thing our boss said or how long we've been standing in line at the post office than we do about systemic racism and the planet.

Remember what you came here for.
Decide what you want. 
Go do that. 
F*ck the rest. 

Love you so f*cking much.
xox Tash

How To Use Your Breakdowns + The Infinity Under Your Nose.

Beautiful humans,
When I went to set up for The Get Down a couple weeks back, I was at a loss. I didn’t know what music to play. I didn’t know who was going to show up. I didn’t know how we were going to “celebrate” with all the craziness unfolding around us politically, environmentally, socially.

I couldn’t see more than 2 inches into the future, much like none of us can predict where our country or our planet are headed right now. But as the night unfolded, what happened on that dance floor blew me over sideways.

I watched more people than we’ve ever had show up to the pre-party meditation.
I watched people who usually stop at the bar first make a beeline for the dance floor.
I watched eyes go wild, feet go fierce and limbs go everywhere.
I watched a room of friends and strangers, college kids and aging hippies, businessmen and bboys turn into one giant, bouncing heartbeat - bigger and more unified than I'd ever seen.

When life rips us open from the inside, we have two choices:
Fall apart and break down, or come together and break through.

What we have now is a massive opportunity:
To turn the raw material of this moment into creative energy, art, and action.
To propel ourselves into all the ways of being we never thought could be ours.

How will you use it? 

To your broken open, unstoppable selves ~
xo Tash

Fresh Melodies + Intergalactic Dirt Hands.

My people!
6 months ago I got rid of all my stuff, moved into a suitcase, and said Yes to a crash course in waking up to what it means to be human. 

Every new situation and encounter has been a teacher. I've tried out loads of new things, f'cked up plenty of them, and have been learning to enjoy the tricky bits as much as the intergalactic sunrise synchronicities.

I'm also noticing that every time I reach the top of one mountain, it turns out to be just another hill with a better view of all the bigger rocks left to climb.

The point is not getting to the top.
The point is not getting it right.
The point is not finishing the game.

The point is deciding which game you’re here to play, 
then getting your hands dirty with the joy of it.

Shall we?

//  This Saturday, NYC’s most exquisite party purveyors turn a 72-room estate into a waterfall of wildly sensuous adventures.  Public tickets are sold out, but I’ve got a handful reserved for YOU
//  Next Thursday, I’m back at The Get Down at Cielo with the LEGENDARY Tony Touch. Woot!

And yes! This means I'm moving back to Brooklyn where I’ll be (mostly) settling in to work on some big projects this winter. They’re all things I’ve never done before, and I’ve got no hard evidence that I’ll be able to pull them off  -  but fear is my favorite dance partner these days.

Holy whoa!
Love, Tash

Icelandic Explosions + An Audacious Invitation.

Icelandic Explosions + An Audacious Invitation.

My peoples,
Last night I sat in the audience as Sigur Ros spilled giant sonic waves over Radio City Music Hall. The show was a masterpiece, building from the subtlest meditative drones into an explosion of light + sound over the course of three hours.

As their weird harmonies swished through my skull, I realized how rarely I sit down and take in something that hasn’t been edited into attention-grabbing quick cuts. I remembered how back in college, my friends and I would just sit and listen to music. And that's it. 

Then I looked over and the dude sitting next to me was checking his email.

I couldn’t judge him. Most of the time I’m skipping between laptop screen and iphone apps, cramming in an extra task while one page takes a minute to load, splintering my attention between as many things as possible because

1)  it gives me the totally false sensation that I’m being more productive
- and -
2)  it prevents me from having to deal with the overwhelming expanse of this moment and all the questions living within it.

It’s a lot to be fully here.
It’s easier to coast from one notification to the next.

But if we're going to do what we came here to do, it’s going to require all of our attention.

For those of you coming to The Get Down tonight: 
You’re invited to notice when you're compelled to check your phone or catch yourself looking around the room for someone / somewhere else to be. And you’re invited, in those moments, to drop back into the music + into the best dance of your life.

Because there’s only one place it can happen.
And that’s right here right now.

Online tickets are sold out. There will be a handful at the door. Arrive before 8pm to ensure entry.

I love you!
xo Tash